Symbols. Shared experience. Belonging.
These are part of the vocabulary of architects and designers. They're part of ours too. It's all about creating a connection with the people who are important to you. Designing unique ways to welcome them to unfamiliar places. And making them more comfortable while there. The signs we encounter in the spaces we travel matter deeply. Helping people find their way through labyrinth spaces is important, of course. But it is more than that. Because impressions form quickly – and those impressions create perceptions of all that is to come.

Ethos letters & logos

Ethos letters & logos



Featured product: Amplify Wall Coverings & Window Films


Your space. Your brand. More decibels.
From more effective wayfinding to magnified brand identity, Amplify takes your space to an entirely new order of magnitude. One that will create an unforgettable impression of who you are. Because Amplify helps you build a world where your brand lives and breathes – in a big way.


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